About us

instituto exclusivo was founded by Anne Marie van Swinderen. In her words:

spanish language school in la paz bolivia director As a Dutch national moving around the world a lot, I have had to learn many languages (8 foreign languages, in fact). So now I have a pretty good idea of how one can teach a foreign language to adults in a fun and efficient way. When we moved to La Paz, Bolivia in 2005 there was no organized school of this kind, but there were several good teachers. Soon, we decided to start a school with good facilities and a professional curriculum, and the i.e. (instituto exclusivo) was born.

After living in Angola, where internet speeds allow little more than receiving e-mails, it was revolutionary to my life to have access to reasonably fast connections. After years of isolation, skyping family and friends was absolutely amazing. The possibilities of internet telephony (e.g. Skype) just seemed too good an opportunity to ignore. To capitalize on this opportunity, the instituto exclusivo has focused on teaching online from the very beginning.

In our five years of existence, we have concentrated on developing special methodologies for teaching online. Of equal importance, we have developed a system to provide genuinely tailor-made courses to each of our students. Teachers have learned to assess new students, analyze their needs, and plan a program accordingly, finding the materials and subject matter that is most appropriate for each individual.

The school offers a very good way for Bolivians to have interesting work that also provides sufficient income. So, if you take lessons from us, you are also helping Bolivians to be able to stay in their own country. (Currently, some 2% of the population of this wonderful country emigrates each year to make a living in other countries).

Thanks for your interest in i.e.!

Investing in Local and Global Business

The Instituto Exclusivo is committed to supporting the growth of small businesses in Bolivia. We aid start-up e-businesses with launching their products and services by offering rent-free space within our facility. For more information, please contact info@ie-spanishonline.com